There are fireworks on the beach at the Hilton Hawaiian Village every Friday night.  It’s free and starts at 7.45pm.  It’s about a 10min walk from Waikiki.  Tip – If you want to go out for dinner you can eat outside at Bubba Gumps at Ala Moana Shopping Centre and you will get to view the fireworks at the same time!

Pearl Harbour

You can drive to Pearl Harbour in about a half hour from Waikiki.  There is no entry fee to Pearl Harbour however I suggest you get there early to avoid big queues.  This attraction is a must see.  It is very moving when you visit the USS Arizona memorial where all the soldiers are still located with the ship.  Also see I have been here 3 times and still enjoy it everytime I have been.

USS Missouri

This ship is located opposite the Pearl Harbour location.  Across the bay which you will have to drive to.  There is an entry fee however this is a must do as well.  There are volunteer guides who will take you on a tour of the ship.  Missouri was the last battleship built by the United States, and was the site of the surrender of the Empire of Japan which ended World War II.”  It’s great for learning about history as I am a person that remembers more if I actually experience it than read it in a book.


All visitors must hire a mustang convertible to drive around the island. You have not experienced Hawaii until you do this.  It’s really nice to take in the scenery especially on the ocean side heading up to the North Shore past Turtle Bay etc. Pull in to turtle bay and see the turtles.  It takes a good part of the day but can easily be done without much effort or navigation skills.  Tip – hire a sat/nav as well as it makes it sooo much easier to get around…without having to think about the directions etc.

Hanauma Bay

This is a well known location for snorkeling.  Entry fee is $5.00.  Make sure you go first thing in the morning as the queues can be long and hot as there is no shade to queue in.  If you look for voucher books which you can find at all hotels or on the street you can pay $12 for a pick up from your hotel and hire of snorkel gear and includes return trip.  When queuing look for the mongoose running around wild.  They are really cute.  A bit like a squirrel.  Tip – if you don’t like being claustrophobic I would suggest you just go for the scenery.  I did not like having the snorkel on and not being able to touch the ground in the water.  It made me a bit uncomfortable.  The reason you cannot touch the bottom is to try to preserve the environment.  For further information see

Waikiki Beach

This is a big must.  You will have to experience at least one day of hiring an  umbrella and lounge just near the Outrigger Waikiki.  They are the blue umbrellas.  People watch/swim on the beach can be fascinating. The water is warm all year round and you can walk out for quite some distance.  Look for the ABC stores where you can purchase bright coloured blow up beds which you use to float on all day long in the water.  They cost $3.00 so you can throw them away at the end of your holiday. Tip – make sure you know when the full moon is.  The portuguese men of war jellyfish (also known as bluebottles in Australia) wash in with the tide during a full moon and it makes it impossible to swim at this time.  They will have signs up if this is the case.

Diamond Head

I walked up Diamond Head from Waikiki and it was really good. It took about 4hours in total (a few rests) and I loved it.  If you start the walk from the base of the crater it will take about 45minutes.  It’s about .7 of a mile and quite steep in parts.  There are a lot of switch backs to make it easier to climb.  A good pair of shoes is recommended.  I am not very fit and I was able to complete the walk so unless you have some sort of injury or disability you should be able to walk it too.  Keep in mind that there a few sets of stairs.  One set consists of approximately 100 stairs going straight up.  Don’t worry though as you can stop if you need to catch your breath.  Good luck and this is also a must do.

The Honolulu Screamer

This is a jet boat which takes you out in to the ocean heading towards Diamond Head. It was great fun.  You get very wet and they do this on purpose, so don’t expect to stay dry.  They pick up from certain locations around Waikiki.

Helicopter Flight

This was a great experience.  You fly over the island of Oahu and also some famous landmarks for Magnum PI and Jurassic park, lost etc.  It cost around $250-$300 per person.

Gun Firing Range

I really liked the idea of doing this. So I did it and loved it. We shot an AK47, UZI, Magnum 44, 38 revolver, M16, 22 shotgun, and a semi automatic rifle.  The company we used was called SWAT.  It cost approx $95.  There are plenty of people handing out leaflets for different gun clubs all over Waikiki.

Brunch at the Sheraton Moana Surfrider

This hotel is fabulous.  Aesthetically it is absolutely gorgeous.  It is located next to the Outrigger Waikiki.  They offer brunch on the back verandah (which is big and old and well looked after) and it is very nice just from the scenery point of view.

Cocktail at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel

This hotel is one of the oldest in Waikiki.  It is the only pink small story hotel on Waikiki beach.  You cannot miss it.  You should go to their bar which backs onto the beach and sip a cocktail watching the scenery.  Very relaxing.  See

Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Park Oahu

Located outside Waikiki this theme park is okay if you love water parks.  I have been there once but I would not go there again. I prefer to go to the beach than pay $25 to enter a park where it can be just as overcrowded as the beach!